Private Feedback Session - 10 minutes


Due to popular demand based on the survey I sent out yesterday, I'm now trying out this idea of offering Private Feedback Sessions to help fellow 3D artists of all experience levels!

I'll do these on a first come first serve basis as I know the schedule will be filled very quickly upon it's initial announcement


Private Feedback Sessions would be ideal if:

1. you've followed one of my workshops but are stuck and need some practical feedback or encouragement

2. you've followed one of my workshops and are doing fine but would like an extra eye to affirm the progress or take it to the next level

3. you are working on a personal project to improve your portfolio and could use a mentor to guide you

4. you are a hobbyist and would like an experienced and seasoned artist to provide critical and creative input

Bottom line is that this isn't just for Workshop customers/students but for anyone who is interested in improving their art

HOW will I provide feedback:

1. Roughly 10 minute sessions, recorded on my screen with my sultry Bob Ross-like voice, provided in .mp4 format - similar to my workshop videos (NOT live in person, skype, or any other online method)

2. Red lines and paintovers on your renders with suggested improvements

3. Rough sculpt-overs to show where your work could improve (whatever time permits)

4. All content in a private/secure Dropbox folder so we can track progress together and keep things organized

WHAT I'm offering in feedback currently:

1. Direct commentary on what YOU have created, which can be a nice supplement to learning how to create digital art outside of watching tutorials

2. Mostly characters, creatures, and realistic objects. I'm not as experienced or interested in creating environments in other words

3. Modeling and sculpting techniques and creating UVs

4. Anatomy and "believability"

5. Posing

What I MAY cover in future phases of feedback sessions (or workshops):

1. Any kind of baking, painting, or texturing

2. Lighting and shadows

3. Presentation

What I definitely WILL NOT cover anytime soon:

At my discretion, any kind of mature content, primarily sexualized work (keep in mind I have kids around)

Since this is the primary software I use, these are the main formats that I would need your work to be supplied in if you want rough sculpt-overs:

ZTL (ZBrush 4r8)

MAX (3dsmax 2014)

Renders of your work in jpg format, min 2000 pixels high

Also acceptable:


Not acceptable:

newer versions of ZTL or MAX (until further notice)

MA (I don't have Maya, sorry)

Students can purchase as many feedback sessions as they wish. However, once purchased, sessions are non-refundable. It is recommended that you first purchase one feedback session to see if this feedback format is right for you.

Finally, for those curious, I should mention that I've been in this industry for about 19 years now and have been a Lead Character Artist for Blur Studio and now I'm a Lead at Respawn Entertainment. My online portfolio with work that I can show publicly is sandiferart.comI'm very experienced with doing feedback on lots of artists' works for production and I know what film, animation, and game studios are looking for in level of quality. I've also done many collectible statues for Prime 1 Studio, PCS, StudioADI, Tweeterhead, and a few private commissions

Once you purchase a session, I'll be notified and I'll get in contact with you within 24 hours with a short questionnaire to discuss your specific needs and how to move forward. If you have any concerns or questions in the meantime, you can email me back. 

jessesandifer at gmail dot com

Thank you!


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