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Dragons Workshop


Workshop Description: (Intro video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cFiTxipj4w):

​I LOVE Dragons. And I know you do, too! We'll work together through the design and sculpting process so that you can create your own.

We'll talk all about how to approach mythical creature anatomy, explore designs, create cool sculpt details, and pose for your portfolio. We'll even create a base!

I'll also go over keeping yourself organized and working clean as much as possible.

Final Complete Bundle Stats:
29 videos
over 32 hours of real-time HD recording, minimal editing
includes ZBrush files for your reference (even the non-posed finished product)

Please do come by and check out the Bundle if you're remotely interested. Thanks so much for the support and please SHARE this!!

More artwork
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