GUMROAD : Sculpting Characters from Concepts
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GUMROAD : Sculpting Characters from Concepts

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Downloadable real-time videos.

After 17+ years in this industry and well over 150 characters, I've learned that if you can create something from a 2D concept, you'll have a good and stable career. If you can take it further and bring it to (virtual) life, then you'll be considered a Pro.

In this new ZBrush character sculpting workshop, I'll show you how to follow an approved concept and bring it to glorious 3D life!

“Concept” can be from your internal concept department at work or an external client who wants you to “make this”. The approach is pretty much the same and that's what the heart of this workshop will be. (Our concept above is from the great Sean McNally! - Lucas Arts, Blur Studio, Blizzard, Whitemoon Dreams)

Come check it out!

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